The Power of Collaboration

SBC Cobotics is a leading robotic technology-as-a-service (Taas) company that leverages the power of collaboration between people and robots to create healthier, safer, and more efficient environments everywhere people work, live, shop, eat, travel, and play.

The Future of Intelligent Buildings

At SBC, we collaborate with business communities to manage the adoption of an ever-expanding portfolio of cobotics — autonomous robotic technologies that perform services alongside people — to enable them to be more productive, more comfortable, and more confident in the spaces they share.

Our mission is to become the Cobotics Partner of Choice for the commercial real estate, and related educational, residential, healthcare, transportation sectors because of their infinite, presently untapped opportunity for new levels of operational efficiency: essential building services securely connected via one unified data network, powered by AI. Cobotics is the gateway.

We’ve developed the ultimate technology blueprint for CRE stakeholders to leverage the power of cobotics as we work together to create the future of intelligent buildings.

Technology-as-a-Service, Reimagined

As recommendations to combat the threat of Covid-19 shift and evolve daily, we deploy proven autonomous robotic technologies and prevention solutions — essential building services that establish confidence in the health and safety of office buildings, schools, hospitals, gyms, hotels, restaurants, malls, airports, residential buildings, and many other commercial real estate properties.

We’ve reimagined Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) through our comprehensive TaaS subscription model to consistently deliver reliable, autonomous technology, insights and analytics integrated with a direct-to-community marketing program to create awareness, adoption, and confidence in your community experience.

Meet Whiz: Your New Cobotic Cleaning Partner

Introducing Whiz, your new cobotic cleaning partner for a guaranteed clean. We’ve partnered with SoftBank Robotics America, Avalon SteriTech, and several other companies to exclusively provide Whiz-Gambit in North America. This autonomous commercial-grade 3-in-1 Covid disinfecting, vacuum sweeper, and air-purification technology consistently delivers a clean, safe, and efficient experience as part of our technology-as-a-service (TaaS) subscription.

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