About + Cobotics

The collaboration of robots and people working together. Cobotics provide the best opportunity to create healthier, safer, and more efficient environments people can trust as we enter the new normal.

Our Vision

We want to be recognized as the Global Cobotics Partner of Choice for institutions and enterprises that prioritize the health, safety, and efficiency of their communities. As we elevate the potential for face-to-face collaboration through cobotics, AI, and related technologies we will optimize shared experiences everywhere people gather.

The Future of Cobotics

Autonomous technologies will continue to enhance the human experience, in the same way mobile technologies revolutionized the way people interact. As people normalize the power of collaboration with robotics we will elevate our potential for greater productivity, performance and job satisfaction, and the health and safety of our communities.

Ultimately our investor-stakeholders will experience intelligent buildings that lead to intelligent communities — an interconnected network of cobots, essential building services supported by a cyber-hardened secure cloud that creates smarter, safer, and more efficient properties. This will increase access to actionable AI-powered information that enables more productivity while reducing cost.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of the interconnected technologies we expect to add to our intelligent buildings:


  • Patrol Robots: Indoor + Outdoor
  • Service Robots: Fire + Safety
  • Concierge Robots: Hospitality
  • Kiosks: Fixed + Mobile
  • Delivery Robots: Food